Cypris ARC — precision suturing for minimally-invasive plastic surgery.

Achieve unprecedented precision with Cypris ARC suturing technology.


Cypris ARC is an extension of the surgeon's hands and accommodates their suture of choice.


Cypris ARC is engineered for precise suture delivery and strong tissue purchase.


Cypris ARC allows for minimal incision access with little to no visible scarring, suitable for in-office procedures.

Dr. Louis Bucky

“I can now reestablish the jawline and reposition tissue around the face and neck in just one hour, using local anesthesia or sedation, needing only four to five days recovery.”

Ushering in a new generation of minimally-invasive surgery

Focused on improving plastic surgery

Cypris Medical works with board-certified opinion leaders in plastic surgery to develop innovative solutions and bring them to market.

State-of-the-art technology

Custom-designed by plastic surgeons, for plastic surgeons, our core technology enables a remarkably efficient surgical procedure. The first application of the technology will be in the face and neck closely followed by additional applications.

World-class clinical support

We ensure success by providing surgeons with comprehensive training and support through our experienced clinical specialists.