By Cypris Medical | May 10, 2018

Xact Enables Effective and Lasting Minimally Invasive Face and Neck Lifting

Chicago – May 10, 2018— Cypris Medical, Inc., a company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for plastic surgeons, won “Best of Hot Topics” for its Xact technology, a lasting minimally invasive face and neck lifting suturing device cleared by the FDA in 2017. Cypris CEO Dan Holton presented Xact at the Aesthetics Innovation Summit just prior to the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in New York. Dr. Chris Godek presented the Xact as innovative technology at the ASAPS meeting several days later, winning the coveted “Best of Hot Topics” award. ASAPS, with 2,600 board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons, brings together a global gathering of innovators and experts to promote excellence in aesthetic plastic surgery.

“Our core technology, Xact, replaces two of the oldest technologies in surgery, the 100-year-old needle holder, and the 70-year-old forceps,” said Holton. “The first target market is facial rejuvenation, including face and neck lifting. The unmet need is the lack of treatments available for patients who have exhausted benefits from facial injectables (‘filler fatigue’) but are not ready to make the jump to a full face lift.”

Dr. Grant Stevens, president of ASAPS and a board-certified plastic surgeon, serves on the Cypris Medical Advisory Board. He is excited about the innovation because previous technologies, such as thread lifts, have been proven to be ineffective because they do not recapitulate surgical anatomy and also have high complication rates. “The minimally invasive procedure involves a small few centimeter incisions hidden above the hairline and can be done under sedation, a boon for our patients who do not want to have general anesthesia,” said Dr. Stevens.

“We project that Xact will be available to surgeons in Q4 of 2018,” said Holton. “Cadaver studies proved not only the safety of the procedure but that we are mobilizing the same tissue as traditional face and neck lifting.” He added that a series of 13 patients underwent the procedure and showed lasting results over two years. “On average, the procedure took 35 minutes per patient. No complications have been reported, and patients had very quick recovery time with high satisfaction,” said Holton. Other applications involve any procedure where a suture needs to be placed from a remote incision: breast lifting, breast reconstruction, body contouring and orthopedics.

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